How can you help us?

We are kindly asking for your donation to help us train teachers in providing Quality Pre-school Education for our nation.


Help us supply quality materials and facilities to educate young South Africans in providing quality pre-school education.


Banking details:

First National Bank, Bank St. Branch – 250655

Name: Siphakeme

Gold Business Account: 

Bank Account Number 62368263720


You can assist us by sponsoring a student. The subsidized fee for 1 Educare student for a year is R1500. However the inclusive running cost per student is R5627/student. 

These figures are based on the maximum number of 30 students

Recyclable materials

Common recyclable materials are used to make simple toys and equipment for gross motor and fine motor development in pre-school children

  • Details of what can be recycled, how it can be used and where can they leave the recycling: 
  • Cereal boxes (big and small, flattened please)
  • Purity bottles (all sizes)
  • Corks (all sizes)
  • Sponges from medicine bottles
  • Plastic lids (milk, juice, cool drink, peanut butter lids, custard powder lids, Bovril lids, coffee jar lids -all different colours and sizes)
  • Old toothbrushes for toothbrush painting
  • 5 and 2 litre ice-cream containers
  • Magazines
  • Inner rolls from paper towels and cling wrap etc
  • Scraps of material or wool
  • Polystyrene trays from vegetables or fruit ONLY not meat trays
  • Bread tags
  • Plastic tubs like Rama and detergent tubs



What does Siphakeme do?

Siphakeme trains both men and women of any race, age, education or economic background to become efficient preschool teachers although our particular focus is those from lower socio-economic communities in the uMgungundlovu District Municipality.

What courses do you offer?

Currently Siphakeme only offers an Educare course, we have put our Level 4 course on hold at the moment but hope to get that going in the near future.

What is Educare?

It is a part-time practical training on how to present lessons, rings and other activities relevant to the child’s development stage. It is currently not recognised as an accredited course with the South African Qualifications Authorit (SAQA).

What is a Level 4 course?

This is a registered course with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) which then allows a graduate to train preschool learners up to grade RR.

How much does the Educare course cost?

It is R1500 a year; R500 deposit and R1000 to be paid over the next months at R100 a month.

Where is Siphakeme based?

Siphakeme is based in Pietermaritzburg on 164 Peter Kerchoff St at the Metropolitan Methodist Church

How can I register for this course?

Contact either Naidene at 072 536 8239 or Jenny at 082 937 9309 so they can assist you with registration.

Can I study online?

Currently we only have in person learning.

How can the qualifications be used?

With an Educare certificate, one is able to run a creche for children at a developmental age.